Vine Managers is a family owned and operated business set up by Nick Hoskins to provide quality vineyard management in the Wairarapa region. Rowan Hoskins and Matt Griffith (Nicks son and son in-law) provide the engine for the business managing seven properties totaling ninety hectares. They have both been managing vineyards since 2005 and have a wealth of experience in managing contractors, staff ,and machinery. They provide reports to the owners and deal with the requirements of the twelve different winemakers involved in purchasing the fruit.

Janmarie Hoskins and Jasmine Griffith deal with the accounts and administration from the companies Masterton office. Nick who is one of New Zealand’s leading viticultural consultants provides the technical knowledge to Matt and Rowan to enable them to work with owners and winemakers to ensure maximum profitability and fruit quality. To find out more about us, please take a quick tour of our website – or just give us a call.
• Vineyard development
• Variety, clone and rootstock advice
• Vineyard management strategy and implementation
• Vine health status reports
• Vineyard budgets
• Fruit sales
Vineyard Management
• Complete or partial vineyard management.
• Day-to-day vineyard operations machinery and labour.
• Technical services (vine health monitoring)
• Contract services for vineyard development.

Vine Managers
Vine Managers Office
3 Millard Ave Masterton
T:+64 6 377 2412
F:+64 6 377 2413

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