Staff Profiles

Nick Hoskins, Viticulturist and General Manager
Matt Griffith, Vineyard Manager Southdown
Rowan Hoskins, Vineyard Manager Redbank Estates
Janmarie Hoskins, Director and Accounts
Jasmine Griffith
, Director, Admin and Wages

Nick Hoskins, Viticulturist and General Manager
Phone 027 2487724

National Diploma in Horticulture (Fruit Production), Royal New Zealand Institute of Horticulture (RNZIH)
Certified Practising Agriculturist (CPAg), The New Zealand Institute of Agricultural Science INC.
Nick is a familiar figure in every key grape-growing region of the country and one of New Zealand’s most respected viticulturists.
Alongside Vinemanagers work he currently leads the New Zealand Winegrowers "Virus Elimination Project" and provides viticultural advice and direction to Riversun nurseries Ltd and their client base.
“I love the completeness of starting with a vine and producing a bottle of wine,” he says. “There is always something new to learn and the dynamic nature of the wine industry means there’s little chance of growing stale.
Starting from his time at Martinborough Vineyard, Nick has been a strong proponent of more sustainable practices; more recently, organic viticulture has captured his interest – Vine Managers currently manages two "Biogro"certified properties totalling 30 hectares. "I don't view organic management as a do nothing option, I believe the organic manager must be a lot more observant and tailor the management techniques to each property, I see to many organic vineyards that aren't profitable and that's not sustainable".
“I enjoy working with people and growing things. Vine Managers is about helping plants grow but we’re also about helping people and businesses grow and make a profit.”

Matt Griffith, Vineyard Manager
Phone 027 291 6129

Matt has eight years experience in managing vineyards and heads Vine Managers’ biggest operation based in Fraters Road, just south of the Martinborough township. On many days, he can be found working on Andy and Elaine Sutherland’s Southdown Estate, which covers some 30ha of gentle, rolling country and specialises in the production of quality Sauvignon Blanc.

In addition to the original Southdown blocks, Matt also manages the 17.5 ha Drapers "Biogro" certified block. Beyond Fraters Road, he oversees operations at Waiora and Hillview vineyards on the Pirinoa Road. Matt excels at the logistics of managing large vineyards and ensuring contractors and staff get the jobs done on time, to specification and within budget.

Matt enjoys the challenge of producing a crop every year and contending with the constantly changing factors of weather, budgets and winemaker requirements. He’s also keenly interested in the effects of soil types on vine health and fruit production and on ways to improve soil health.

“The seasons we have in the Wairarapa make our work interesting – I really enjoy studying the effects of the weather on the outcome of the grapes.”

Rowan Hoskins, Vineyard Manager
Phone 027 2487033

Rowan has quickly gained a breath of knowledge in the wine industry since starting with Vinemanagers in 2006 he has worked 2 vintages at matahiwi winery, competed in the young viticulturist competition and managed Redbank Estate and coblestones vinetard in the rugged Te Muna Road area, east of Martinborough. Rowan added the 12 ha Schubert "Biogrow" certified vineyard to his portfolio in 1212. Rowan has been involved in the martinborough part of the "Virus elimination project" collecting data and working with growers to identify Grapevine leaf roll virus type three.

The Te Muna valley is a place of extremes, but Rowan has come to love the area and enjoys the challenge of coaxing a crop from the weather-beset site. "The wind is a force of its own, so in winter it’s frosty, and it’s hot and dry in summer, but it’s the best valley in the south east,” he says.

“I love the people, the vineyards and the industry, how it all grows and changes – and then getting to sample the wine at the end of vintage!”

Janmarie Hoskins, Director and Accounts
Phone 027 231 1629

Janmarie has been involved in the viticulture industry as long as her husband Nick. She well knows the hard graft, long hours and commitment needed to produce fine wine grapes.

“We’ve got a really good team and we’re very family oriented,” she says. “I think that gives Vine Managers an edge because people can see how we communicate and work together, and that gives them confidence in the company.”

Janmarie’s background in banking provides another skill set for the company, and she handles all accounts.

“We enjoy looking after the land and the environment, and producing wine more sustainably appeals to us for the same reason.”

Jasmine Griffith, Director, Admin and Wages
Phone 027 224 5527

Jasmine, like her brother Rowan, has grown up in the wine industry having worked many a school holiday in the vineyard gaining hands-on experience from her father Nick in grape growing and wine production.

Jasmine brings many skills to the company, initially running restaurant and bar in masterton she understands wine marketing and a great understanding of running a business. Her initial training as a graphic designer and her new found web savy have created the logo and this Web site.

“I have always enjoyed wine, and during my hospitality days managing Stellar in Masterton I put in the extra time on wine courses and constructing wine lists.

“I love the fact that my job is flexible around having a young family ,


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