Throughout a vineyard’s life, it requires different services and attention as it moves from development towards maturity. Every working vineyard needs management to ensure that viticultural performance can be optimised and fruit quality can be delivered to specifications. Matt and Rowan have proven experiance in achieving vineyard targets and managing within budget. In addition to the daily, weekly and seasonal inputs, vineyards also occasionally need expert assessment and analysis – the realm of the consultant. The Vinemanagers team has the horsepower to provide these practical and technical inputs.

1. Vineyard development
Planning, co-ordination, and management of ground preparation, irrigation and trellis installation, planting and vine training.

Fees: Charged at hourly rates or quoted on a project basis.
2. Vineyard management
Properties are managed to a clear set of specifications determined in conjunction with the owner and winemaker.

Casual work – supervision and supply of labour and machinery if required – for specific vineyard tasks.

Fees: Charged at either a quoted “per hectare” rate on a monthly basis, or at a predetermined fee for management only with labour and machinery calculated at the hourly rates listed below.
3. Vineyard consultancy
- vineyard performance, fruit and wine quality
- vineyard performance, financial
- vine health and nutrition
- variety, clone and rootstock selection


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